SAN-Light Premium Safety Needle for Any Type of Luer Syringe

The SAN-Light is a single-use sterile hypodermic safety needle for use with luer syringes for subcutaneous or intramuscular drug administration. The SAN-Light combines passive sharps protection and a hidden needle.

The SAN-Light is a premium passive safety needle, for use by healthcare professionals and self-injecting patients, to help prevent needlestick injuries.

This product is under development.

SAN-Light rendering

SAN-Light Benefits

  • Compatible with any type of luer/luer-lock syringe
  • Automatic (passive) needle shielding reduces needlestick injuries
  • Partially hidden needle prior to injection reduces anxiety
  • Exposed needle tip helps to prime and orient injector
  • No change to common injection practice
  • Customizable to meet drug manufacturer requirements
    (e.g., needle gauge and length for SC, IM, or ID injection)

IP Status

  • Granted U.S. patents: US 7,901,382 and US 8,328,765
  • Additional U.S. and international patents pending

See How it Works

  • "The SAN injection procedure is easy, simple, as it is small it is not intimidating"

    Male, age 66, RA patient, self-injecting using a PFS

Step By Step Use


Step 1: Attach

Connect the SAN-Light to a standard luer syringe filled with ready-to-inject drug.
Remove cap

Step 2: Insert

Push the SAN-Light against skin until the needle guard fully retracts and stops.


Step 3: Inject

Press the syringe plunger to manually inject the drug.

Step 4: Remove

Remove from skin and discard properly

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