SAN Product Family

Automatic Needle Insertion and Administration Speed Controls: a Unique Combination

The SAN (Safe Auto-Needle) family of injectors delivers easy injection of a wide range of formulations for patients with a wide range of needs. The injectors are designed — and can be customized — for use with all types of syringes or primary drug containers: conventional plastic hypodermics, single- or dual-chamber prefilled syringes made of glass or plastic, or vials.

All SANs feature automatic needle insertion, passive-automatic sharps protection, and a needle that is hidden at all times. And SAN products combine these features with manual control of injection speed.

SAN Product Family Benefits

  • SANs allow the patient to control the drug injection speed for maximum comfort.
  • SANs ensure consistent needle penetration depth and angle with automatic needle insertion.
  • SANs reduce needle phobia and the perception of pain by hiding the needle.
  • SANs prevent needlestick injuries and transmission of infectious diseases from contaminated needles.

The SAN product family consists of five products. Additional products are in development.

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