SAN-DV Pro for Use with Drugs in Vials

For use in combination with drugs in vials, the SAN-DV Pro was designed as a fully disposable automatic needle with an integrated vial adaptor for easy drug reconstitution or mixing. It delivers all the benefits of the SAN-L product family: It reduces the anxiety and the perceived pain of the self-injecting patient by allowing control of how the medication is administered.

The SAN-DV Pro has the best of both worlds: like an autoinjector, SAN-DV Pro reduces patient anxiety and is easy to use. Additionally, SAN-DV Pro  simplifies the reconstitution process and allows the patient to control the speed of the injection, which has been shown to reduce the perception of pain.

This product is under development.

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SAN-DV Pro Benefits

  • Compatible with different vial sizes (13 mm and 20 mm neck) and with luer-lock prefilled syringes
  • Integrated vial adaptor and mixing system for easy reconstitution of lyophilized drugs
  • Automatically inserts needle with an audible click
  • Keeps the needle hidden to reduce anxiety
  • Allows patient to control injection speed
  • Can be customized to drug manufacturer requirements

IP Status

  • Granted patents: US 7,985,216 and EP 1,755,705
  • Additional international patents pending

See How It Works

  • "Using the SAN-DV, the injection is much simpler than the delivery systems I previously used"

    Female, age 72, RA patient, self-injecting using a PFS
SAN DV Pro attach

Step 1: Attach

Attach the drug vial into port 1, then connect the diluent syringe into port 2.

Step 2: Prepare:

Mix/reconstitute drug and aspirate it into the syringe.

SAN DV Pro mix
SAN DV Pro insert needle

Step 3: Insert needle

Slide the syringe 90° until the arrows turns green, then pull out the syringe.
Press the SAN against skin until there is an audible click. Needle is automatically inserted.

Step 4: Inject

Press the syringe plunger to manually inject the drug. Remove from skin and discard properly.

SAN DV Pro inject and discard
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