Flexi-Q mMU

Flexi-Q mMU Auto-Injector for Pre-Filled Syringes and Vials

The Flexi-Q mMU Auto-Injector features a reusable driving unit and a cost-effective, automatic needle protection disposable cassette for use with standard prefilled syringes and vials.

This exclusive design significantly improves the user interface compared to other existing reusable auto-injectors by reducing the complexity and eliminating a number of operational steps. At the same time, the design maintains the safe, hidden needle features of our Safe Auto-Needles and Disposable Auto-Injectors and the reconstitution and filling advantages of our Fully-Disposable Auto-Injector for Drugs in Vials.

For use with chronic disease that require frequent injections (e.g., multiple sclerosis), the partially reusable design lowers the cost per injection and reduces the volume for storage and disposal.

This product is under development and is owned by Elcam Medical. For sub-licensing and customization options, contact Dr. Menachem Zucker from Elcam Medical



  • Hidden needle — before, during and after injection — reduces needle phobia
  • Simple user interface — no complicated dismantling or unscrewing operations
  • Delivery of entire dose (same dead space as with manual techniques)
  • Quiet operation reduces patients anxiety and perceived pain
  • Reduced skin reactions — injection starts only after full needle penetration is achieved


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