A Proven Partnership

DALI has a licensing and contract development agreement with Elcam Medical that covers a variety of auto-injectors for self-administration. DALI invents the injectors and develops them in collaboration with Elcam. These auto-injectors are assigned/licensed to Elcam Medical and are owned by Elcam. The FDA 510(k) clearance of the Flexi-Q DV autoinjector – has been the result of this long, stable and mutually beneficial partnership. This attests to DALI’s confirmed ability to partner effectively in bringing products to market, adhering to regulatory requirements and market needs.

For sub-licensing and customization options, contact Dr. Menachem Zucker from Elcam Medical.



Flexi-Q PFS

Fully Disposable Auto-Injector for Prefilled Syringes



Flexi-Q DV

Fully Disposable Auto-Injector for Drugs in Vials

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Flexi-Q HV

Fully Disposable Auto-Injector for Low to High Viscosity Drugs in Prefilled Syringes

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Flexi-Q mMU

Mechanical Reusable Auto-Injector for Prefilled Syringes or Vials

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